Preparing For Your Visit

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring the following: 1. Medical insurance cards 2. Any eyeglasses or contact lenses that you may currently be using (sunglasses are helpful if you're getting your eyes dilated) 3. Medication and allergy list will help the team collect important information about your general health. We'll also be asking about any previous surgeries you may have had.

How long will my first appointment take?

Plan to be at our office for about one to two hours depending on the complexity of your condition and whether testing is performed. Please prepare for your eyes to remain dilated for several hours after your visit. Dilating your eyes makes them more sensitive to light and may blur your vision, especially your near vision. Bring sunglasses to use after your appointment, and consider bringing someone to drive you home.

What's the best way to reach the clinic?

By Bike: There are a number of bike racks along University Ave and Addison Ave near our office. There is a bike parking rack in the parking lot beneath our building as well. The entrance to The Promenade Garage is via Addison St. The new Center Street Parking Garage two blocks from our office also has secure self-park and valet bicycle parking. By Public Transit: AC Transit bus lines 6, 7, 12, 18, 51B, 52, 65, 67, 79, and 88 stop in Downtown Berkeley. We are located about 4 blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART. Exit the BART station and walk north to University Ave. Turn left and walk down University Ave one and a half blocks, crossing Milvia St to 1936 University Ave. You will find the Promenade Building on your left side. Promenade Building Enter through the archway shown above and walk down the hall. We are located in the first courtyard on the right in Suite 112.

What's parking like?

We recommend allowing 20-30 minutes extra transit time for parking if you will be driving to our office since we are located in Downtown Berkeley. The closest parking options are metered street parking and private parking lots. The closest parking lots are: The Promenade Garage, UC Golden Bear Garage, and the Center Street Parking Garage. Please contact the garage if you need information about parking rates.

Will my eyes be dilated and what should I expect?

We dilate the eyes of all new patients and will generally dilate the eyes of established patients every year to assess the back of the eye as well as the lens. Your eyes will generally remain dilated for several hours following your appointment and will likely be sensitive to light and notice blurring of your vision. Bring your sunglasses and consider bringing a driver, especially if your eyes haven't been dilated in the past.